Collections Collaborative  

This page provides the Yale participants in the potential Mellon Collections Collaborative initiative with links to the documents submitted to the Mellon Foundation as part of the proposal. Appendix 2, the brochure that the library produced last year describing special collections is available only in hard copy.

If the proposal is funded, we will use this site as one method of communication for the participants and other interested parties.


Richard Szary

Proposal Proposal to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation:

Building a Collections Collaborative at Yale University

(PDF format)
Budget Proposed budget

(PDF Format)
Appendix 1 Descriptions of Yale Collections

(PDF format)

Appendix 2

Yale University Library. Special Collections at Yale University brochure.

(Available only in hard copy)

Appendix 3 Yale University Library. "Unlocking Special Collections"

(PDF format)
Appendix 4 Resume of principal investigator

(PDF format)