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Historical Register of Yale University


This online edition of the Historical Register of Yale University succeeds the printed work of the same name, which the university published in three volumes: in 1939 (for the years 1701-1937), in 1952 (for the years 1937-1951), and in 1969 (for the years 1951-1968). The Historical Register Online (HRO) contains entries for every person who held a university appointment from Yale's founding in 1701 through the early 1980s. These entries were drawn from the three printed volumes as well as from information assembled in preparation for a fourth volume, which was never published.

This first edition of the HRO will be updated as needed to correct errors in entries. A second edition will update existing entries and add new ones reflecting appointments at Yale since the early 1980s. Eventually, the HRO will be regularly updated from the university's appointments files.

Entries in the HRO will be supplemented, over time, with more detailed biographical information taken from other sources.

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