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Using the Historical Register of Yale University

Search Help

In the search box at the upper right-hand corner of the page, enter the surname for the person in whom you are interested and click the "submit" button.

Searching is currently limited to surnames only.

HRO will deliver a results screen listing all individuals whose surname matches the search term, including those surnames that begin with the search term. For example, a search on the surname "David" will result in a list of individuals with that surname, as well as surnames such as "Davidoff," "Davidovits," and "Davidson." Maiden or other previously used last names are not currently included in the search.

Interpreting Entries in the HRO

Clicking on a name in the search results list will display the entry for that person.

The entry for each person in the HRO contains the following information:

-> person's name, including maiden and middle names, when known, and military rank or religious titles, when applicable and known;

-> a chronological list of degrees earned or awarded, including the year and institution awarding the degree; and

-> chronological lists of appointments and positions that the person held at Yale, including:

> teaching and research appointments;

> governance and advisory appointments;

> administrative positions;

> appointments in Yale libraries and museums

> residential college fellowships

> awards and endowed lectureships, as well as scholarly academy and society memberships.

Users should be aware that date spans with no closing date (e.g., 1978- ) need to be researched further in order to obtain accurate information. In some cases, they represent an appointment that began and ended in the same year. In other instances, they indicate an appointment that was still in effect in 1982, the latest date for which information was gathered. Further work is underway to resolve these ambiguities. In the meantime, reference staff in Manuscripts and Archives can provide assistance with these ambiguous dates.

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